Melanie is a Pontiac Native and knows Pontiac’s strongest asset is our people.

Hearing the call to serve, Melanie decided to dedicate herself to a higher cause and fight for real change in the city of Pontiac by running for the Pontiac City Council District 1. Together with her daughter, the decision was rooted in faith and a sentimental love for her city to ensure the citizens of Pontiac have representation who understands their needs. 

I’m proud of my Pontiac roots and I want to make our community a place every child can be proud of growing up in.

Melanie Rutherford now asks for your support. This is not just Mel’s journey;  as we are with her. Together with her daughter Moriah-Taylor we can make a better tomorrow for our children, grandchildren and the future generations to come.

Pontiac Public Library

Pontiac Public Library:
In 2017, the citizens of Pontiac elected Melanie to the Library board. Over the past four years, Melanie has proudly served in many roles including Secretary on the Board of Trustees for the Pontiac Public Library. She passionately supports literacy and is a fervent supporter of our Library.
      – Melanie launched community outreach programs with partners like PAL.
      – Melanie led the way for healthier vending machines.
      – Melanie increased outside funding for the summer reading programs.
      – Voted to bring robotics and karate programs to our Library.

Pontiac Business Owner

Melanie is the owner of Mellosmooth Publishing and Mellosmooth Records. She has decades of experience as a singer/songwriter and has a Grammy-nominated album, “Intimacy” by the artist Kem.

Pontiac is a Challenge but when we bring people together and work as one we can get anything accomplished

Non-Profit Community Advocate

Melanie works for the United Way, her role is challenging but extremely rewarding as she advocates for people seeking assistance and in need of support.

Melanie also served as a Training Ambassador at Next Education and Homeless Assistant Specialist at AmeriCorps.

Melanie worked for the Michigan Democratic Party in 2018 to help elect our leaders.

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